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What Does
Point of care Biosystem do?

We provide One Stop Solution for global manufacturers to resolve their triple challenge of Regulatory, Business Development and Service & Distribution, at Pan India level.
What are our focused areas?

Our company is dedicated to providing quality point-of-care products to healthcare providers, with a focus on cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes, paediatrics, and gynaecology

What do we do?
  • We have built a network of experts in these fields in order to provide a comprehensive and complete road map to global manufacturers that are looking to break into the Indian market.
  • This usually consists:
    – Identify, Qualify, and Secure new business opportunities.
    – Develop customised targeted sales and marketing strategies.
    – Provide regulatory services and ensure all compliance is in place.
    – Build business relationships with potential clients and rapport with Key opinion leaders.
    – Create and maintain a database of prospective clients and explore potential lead-generation channels.
    – Organize CME programs, awareness programs, and health camps.
    – Adhere to outlined targets and payment collections.
    – Customer support program with ADE reporting and maintaining Periodic safety update reports.
How we do?

We have extensive experience in helping companies to establish their presence in India and understand the unique challenges that come with doing business in this market. Our team of experts has created a step-by-step road-map to help global manufacturers understand the Indian market and develop the right strategies to build a successful presence.

  • Our first step is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Indian market and its current trends. This includes an analysis of the current competitive landscape, the regulatory requirements, and the economic and political situation. We will then use this information to develop a strategy to meet the needs of the global manufacturer and ensure their success in the Indian market.
  • Next, we will provide a detailed plan for the global manufacturer to launch their product or service in India. This will include an in-depth analysis of the target audience, pricing strategies, marketing plans, and a comprehensive plan for customer service and support. We will ensure that the global manufacturer has the necessary resources and support to ensure their success in the Indian market.
  • Finally, we will provide ongoing support, access to our distribution network and a dedicated customer service center to the global manufacturer as they launch their product or service in India. This includes regular monitoring and analysis of the Indian market and its trends, as well as providing advice and support as needed.
What are the Industries we serve?
  • – Point of Care Devices
  • – In- Vitro Devices
  • – Medical Devices
  • – Orphan Drugs
  • – AI Medical Software Solutions.
Do you have experience in setting up entire new entities in India?

Yes, to date our leadership team has guided 3 start-ups to establish their company in India. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive and complete road map to global manufacturers to help them establish their foothold in India. We are committed to helping global manufacturers succeed in India and will provide them with the necessary resources and support to ensure their success.

At One Glass

All POCB Services

“Not just developing the business, but building the brands.”

Business Development
"Unlock your business's potential with our professional business development services in the field of diagnostic and medical device industry!"
Marketing Strategy & Positioning
The key to unlocking your brand’s success lies in effective product marketing, promotional strategy and positioning.
Pan India Distribution Network
Our company has a nationwide presence of an experienced Distributor network that specializes in selling POCT devices in Tier 2 & 3 cities.
Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Affair is the most critical aspect in placing the product on the market, and as such, it is important to ensure that it meets all the necessary regulatory requirements from the CDSCO.
Logistic and Warehousing
We have an Alliance with professional C&F agents in India who are dedicated to providing the services in Healthcare sector. These agents specialize in customs clearance, shipping & delivery of goods.
Customer Support Services
Expertise in building dedicated service centers for multinational companies, dealing in point-of-care products, and providing a team of application specialists and service engineers.

We provide our partners with customized solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs.
Why not set up an assessment meeting with us, where we will understand your company product portfolio and future pipeline?